Our Fully Integrated Lithium Project in Extremadura is set to provide the products critically needed to allow the EU to move ahead with its ongoing and increasing transition to electric mobility.

All of this will not be done at the expense of the communities we work with as through our Spanish Subsidiary, Extremadura New Energies we will collaborate and engage with the town and people of Cáceres to create a Project that will benefit the local community for coming generations.

We have a responsibility to the town of Cáceres which we take very seriously. Our team is committed to setting a benchmark for the sustainable extraction and processing of hard rock lithium and battery grade lithium chemicals and maximising opportunities for the town and region.

To support these ambitions, Infinity and its subsidiaries subscribe to the EU Principles for Sustainable Raw Materials.

These principles align to the vision and direction of the group across all Environmental, Societal and Governance aspects.

Read More: About EU Principles For Sustainable Raw Materials

In alignment with our San José Lithium Project, Our GreenTech business is at the forefront of sustainable mineral processing which could change the way the industry operates going forward.

Corporate Profile

Board of directors

Adrian Byass

Non-Executive Chairman

Ryan Parkin

Managing Director / CEO

Remy Welschinger

Non-Executive Director

Jon Starink

Executive Director / Chief Technical Officer

Ramón Jiménez Serrano

Executive Director / CEO Extremadura New Energies

Infinity Management

Justin Samulski

General Manager Commercial

Jonathan Whyte

CFO and Company Secretary

Extremadura New Energies

Ramón Jiménez Serrano


David Valls

General Manager

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