Infinity Lithium is an Australian listed minerals company who is progressing the development of it’s 75% owned San Jose Lithium Project, located in the Extremadura region of Spain. 

The fully integrated project will utilise the EU’s 2nd largest JORC compliant hard rock lithium resource as feedstock for a lithium chemicals conversion plant located adjacent to the resource area to provide a sustainable source of battery grade lithium chemicals that are required for the European lithium-ion battery supply chain.

The San Jose Lithium Project provides substantial advantages in supplying the European market with the use of one of the few economically viable sources of lithium raw material in the EU and strategic alignment of downstream processing facilities.  The Project’s close proximity to end markets, coupled with advantages in the progression in underground mining practices, compliment a process flowsheet that provides positive environmental credentials and societal benefits. The creation of long term and skilled employment will be beneficial for the locality of Caceres and the region of Extremadura.

The EU will require vast quantities of battery grade lithium hydroxide and battery grade lithium carbonate with ethical sources of raw materials and the lowest possible carbon footprint with the impending implementation of the Battery Passport.  

Infinity Lithium subsidiary Extremadura Mining S.L. maintains a 75% ownership interest in the San Jose Lithium Project. The Project is located approximately 3 hours from Madrid and 3.5 hours from Lisbon accessible by dual lane highway, whilst remaining in the immediate proximity of key infrastructure including a gas pipeline adjacent to the Project area. 

The San Jose deposit is a highly advanced, previously mined brownfields development opportunity and represents one of Europe’s largest lithium deposits. Infinity Lithium will mine the hard rock mica resource and develop processing facilities to provide a strategically essential European mine-to-end-product lithium chemicals operation.

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Project Resource

The deposit is unique due to its extensive strike, width and surface outcrop that make it a large homogenous ore body. 


2018 MRE San José at a 1,000ppm lithium cut-off


2018 MRE San José at a 2,500ppm lithium cut-off

JORC Table 1 included in an announcement to the ASX released on 22 May 2018 “Lithium Resource and Open Pit Upgrade”.

Infinity is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included in this ASX release, and infinity confirms that, to the best of its knowledge, all material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the resource estimates in this release continue to apply and have not materially changed. 

Estimates using Ordinary Kriging methodology. Note: small discrepancies may occur to rounding. Further details ASX release 23 may 2018.

Lithium (Li) mineralisation is commonly expressed as either lithium oxide (Li2O) or lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) or Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE). Lithium Conversion 1.0% Li = 2.153 Li2O


A lithium supply response is needed to satisfy the burgeoning Global and European demand created by electric vehicle and energy storage needs. Infinity Lithium is well placed to provide battery grade lithium product to the large-scale battery plants from the proposed San Jose LC production facility.​ The San Jose deposit is a highly advanced, previously mined brownfields development opportunity.

Project Process

Infinity Lithium has now demonstrated that the San Jose Lithium Project is able to deliver battery grade lithium hydroxide and battery grade lithium carbonate through the sulphate-roast, water leach flow sheet.

The underground mine minimises the environmental and societal impact from the extraction of raw materials, with the potential to align the Project to Extremadura’s vas renewable energy infrastructure. The beneficiation process uses stage crushing and flotation resulting in removal of waste and upgrading the lithium grade of the concentrate, followed by blending of the lithium bearing mica concentrate with a sulphate as part of the roasting process where calcining liberates the lithium. The material is then leached with water to deliver strong recoveries of lithium sulphate in solution. 


The lithium sulphate is solution is then crystalised and purified to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide. This is a viable process with low technical risk with the ability to access abundant natural gas adjacent to the project to power the kiln and facilitate a fully integrated project on site.

Sustainable Project

Infinity Lithium is committed to developing the San Jose Lithium Project utilising world’s best practice techniques and processes in the development of the Project. The target is to minimise the impact of the Project to the environment. The mining and processing plant will use proven methods to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide with a sustainable profile aligned to the EU’s objectives to a Net Zero Carbon 2050 future.

Infinity lithium has reviewed many processes including acid leaching with sulphuric acid and other less environmentally efficient processes to establish a robust flowsheet to process the ore to final product that minimises the environmental impact.