Infinity Lithium is an Australian listed minerals company who is seeking to develop its 75% owned San Jose Industrial Lithium Project located in Spain. The project will be developed by open pit methods with the ore treated and refined onsite to produce high quality, battery grade lithium hydroxide. Infinity’s goal in the long term is to supply the European lithium-ion battery supply chain and EV industry. Regional lithium production is needed in order to de-risk the strategic European EV supply chain. Infinity offers a sustainable, integrated, low-cost, large and long term source of lithium chemicals.

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Infinity Lithium Corporation Ltd (Infinity Lithium) is mineral development Company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Infinity Lithium is in a joint venture partnership with Valoriza Mineria S.A. (Valoriza Mineria) to develop the San Jose/ Valdeflorez Lithium Project (San Jose) and currently owns 75% of the Project. It is planned that the San Jose Project will be developed by open pit methods with the ore treated and refined onsite to produce high quality, battery grade lithium hydroxide.

A lithium supply response is needed to satisfy the burgeoning Global and European demand created by electric vehicle and energy storage needs. Infinity Lithium is well placed to provide battery grade lithium product to the large-scale battery plants from the proposed San Jose LC production facility.​ The San Jose deposit is a highly advanced, previously mined brownfields development opportunity.

The deposit represents one of Europe’s largest lithium deposits. Infinity Lithium will mine the hard rock Mica resource and develop processing facilities to provide, what would currently be, the sole European mine-to-end-product lithium carbonate operation.



The project is located in the mining friendly, western Spanish region of Extremadura and is in proximity to the town of Caceres. The project can be reached easily by high quality multi-lane sealed highway. The project is located approximately two and a half hours west of Madrid by car.

San Jose Fully integrated project:

From the mine to the lithium hydroxide plant:


EU & Spain: Low investing risk

 and 2nd Largest Lithium JORC in the EU


2.5 hours from Madrid via highway and Extremadura – a proactive mining region


Brownfield project & long life project –

30 years


JORC well supported ~12km of drilling completed


Open pit – low risk, cheap bulk mining


Very low strip ratio



Fully integrated operation


Sealed dual lane highway adjacent to the plant – connected by major arteries to Europe


LiOH Battery Grade, preferred lithium chemical for cathode manufacturer


Environmentally friendly water leach, using safe reagents


Gas pipeline adjacent to the plant and low temperature process


Proven production process and low cost production


Chemical plant < 3km away from the mine and no royalties or duties on the import of lithium concentrate

Europe to be #2 largest EV market in the world and #2 largest Li-ion batteries producer


Project Resource

The deposit is unique due to its extensive strike, width and surface outcrop that make it highly amenable to bulk, open-pit style mining methods.

San Jose Mineral Resource, reported above 0.1% Li cut-off


Tonnes (Mt)

Li (%)


Sn ppm

Li  O (%)
















100%  of processed material from pit is Probable Resources


Plan view of San Jose showing drilling, distribution of resources showing indicated (lime green), inferred (orange) against drill pattern:

The lithium at the San Jose project is contained within sediments that contain lithium-mica minerals. During processing the lithium micas are liberated and concentrated before being roasted and leached to release the lithium. This style of mineralisation is common in China, Europe and North America. China is producing battery grade lithium chemicals from lithium micas in the Yichun province.

Micas are common silicate minerals that are widely distributed in sedimentary rocks that have been altered by hydrothermal or orogenic processes. The lithium is bound within the silicate structure and requires roasting at high temperatures to liberate the lithium.

Project Process

Infinity Lithium has now demonstrated that the San Jose Project is able to deliver battery grade lithium hydroxide, utilising the sulphate-roast, water leach flow sheet common to other European lithium developers.

The process route chosen by Infinity is:

  • Beneficiation using stage crushing and flotation resulting in removal of 35% of waste and upgrading the lithium grade of the concentrate close to an equivalent amount; and

  • Mica concentrate mixed with potassium sulphate and calcined at 850 degrees to liberate the lithium in the rock, combined with a fresh water leach to deliver strong recoveries of lithium.

The process plant will be located less than 3km from the mine, removing transport costs and allowing exposure to higher lithium hydroxide pricing.

Infinity Lithium has now demonstrated that the San Jose Project is able to delivery battery grade lithium hydroxide, utilising the sulphate-roast, water leach flow sheet common to other European lithium developers.

Multiple operations in the Yichun province of China treat lithium-bearing mica to produce battery grade lithium chemicals. Infinity has built on the historical feasibility study and advanced work done by other groups to complete a Scoping Study for the treatment of lithium mica and the production of battery grade lithium hydroxide using sulphate calcine (roast) processing. This is a viable process with low technical risk primarily due to the ability to access abundant natural gas adjacent to the project.


Thanks to its fully integrated lithium hydroxide project based on hard rock, royalties free and enjoying an excellent existing infrastructure, San Jose is located at the low end of the lithium hydroxide cost cure. 

Li Hydroxide - Integrated Mineral Feedstock to Dominate


Hydroxide Cost Curve, Post-Taxes & Royalties

Environmentally Responsible Process 

Infinity Lithium is committed to developing the San Jose Project utilising world’s best practice techniques and processes in the development of the project. The target is to minimise the impact of the project to the environment. The mining and processing plant will use proven methods to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide for the green revolution that is electrification of vehicles.

Infinity lithium has reviewed many processes including acid leaching with sulphuric acid and other less environmentally efficient processes to establish a robust flowsheet to process the ore to final product that minimises the environmental impact and meets world’s best practice for the development of mines and processing plants.

Infinity Lithium’s major project partners include Valoriza Mineria, the mining subsidiary of the major construction and engineering company SACYR. Valoriza Mineria has a proven ability to permit mines in Spain and a track record of development in the Extremadura region, as noted in the 2017 Agua Blanca operating permit. Valoriza Mineria won the tender process to develop the San Jose project that was proposed by the Extremadura Government. The proactive Government approach gave priority, in the tender process, to groups who could rapidly develop the Project.

Infinity Lithium’s ability to deliver high quality, battery grade, lithium hydroxide from the San Jose site to global markets validates the investment in infrastructure developments by the Spanish Government to bring projects to the region.

History of the Project Area

Project Partners & Structure

The Extremadura region is a rural area with a strong history and understanding of mining. Tin was originally mined in the early 20th century and more recently lithium was discovered in the project area. Between 1985 and 1991 the Spanish mining company Tolsa S.A. had undertaken an extensive development program.


This included a comprehensive drilling program and wide ranging, detailed metallurgical work. This resulted in Tolsa producing a feasibility study that included a process flowsheet that could produce saleable lithium carbonate with good recoveries. Infinity has purchased the historical data and reports produced from Tolsa S.A. As a result Infinity Lithium can build on this knowledge base to fast track the development of the deposit.


Upon completion of the project Infinity Lithium is committed to the rehabilitation of the site to a high standard in keeping with the surrounding countryside. The Company will work with the local stakeholders and regulators to develop the most suitable and appropriate reafforestation initiatives.

Infinity Lithium values the input of local stakeholders and expects to work in partnership with the community to develop a mutually successful project. 

After mining, and 30 years of processing, progressive rehabilitation, which would be conducted continuously throughout the project will be completed. The above image shows an image of the project area after rehabilitation is completed.

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